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National Sandwich Day, the Guttenplan’s Way



Our rolls, breads and buns are perfect for any sandwich! The Guttenplan’s team has come together and suggested their go-to mouthwatering combinations using their favorite products…

Abe Littenberg, Senior Management Advisor
Philly cheesesteak made with cheese wiz or you’ve never had a real Philly cheesesteak! Or a pork roll, egg, and cheese with salt, pepper, ketchup.

Matt McNamara, Account Manager / Technical Sales Associate
Guttenplan’s Seeded Rye Bread. Coat two slices liberally with dark mustard, spread lightly with horseradish, a double layer of thinly sliced red onion, followed by a double layer of thickly sliced liverwurst, cut in half, serve with a strong kosher spear. This sandwich may sound a bit strong, however, all whom you serve this delicacy will forever remember. Bon appetit.

Shari Robinson, Sr. Technical Sales Associate
Turkey, smoked cheddar, and jalapeno jelly grilled on our Rye Bread.

Stephanie Wolf, Graphics Coordinator
My favorite is from the Spanglish Spoon… corned beef, avocado and a cilantro coleslaw on top of our delicious Bolillo Roll. The perfect mix of flavors!

Tom Zwiener, Regional Sales Manager
Buffalo chicken cold cuts with smoked gouda cheese and pesto on a Guttenplan’s Ciabatta Roll. Heat up the sandwich on a panini press and presto pesto! You’ve got a crunchy, flakey, spicey sandwich!

Sue Navarro, Technical Sales Associate
Grilled chicken, cream cheese, avocado and roasted peppers on a White or Wheat Ciabatta Roll. Delicious!!!

Vicki Cavaseno, Customer Service
Kaiser Roll Classic Jersey: Pork Roll Egg and Cheese on our classic Kaiser rolls. Or, Black Russian Pumpernickel Grilled Cheese: Lorraine Swiss, bacon, tomato, and honey mustard.

Debra Howard, Regional Sales Manager
Philly Cheesesteak for sure, with provolone, mushrooms, peppers & onions on our Double Crust Sub Roll! Clean ingredients, crisp crust… classic! Double Crust Sub Roll…reinventing the Philly Cheesesteak!

Eric Littenberg, Quality Assurance Director
Buffalo classic, Beef on Weck: sliced roast beef with au jus on our Kaiser Roll with Kimmelweck Topping. Adding horseradish is a must!

Chad Kinelski, Chief Information Officer
This is from the movie Spanglish… It’s Monterey Jack cheese, bacon, a fried egg, tomato, lettuce and mayo on our Pumpernickel Bagel and it is amazing.

Alberta Festa, Marketing Manager
Guttenplan’s Ciabatta Roll with fresh (has to be fresh) mozzarella and broccoli rabe. Yum! Or, grilled Swiss on our Rye Bread (Marble Rye or Black Russian Pumpernickel, too). Simple but the best!

Michael Schwartz, Regional Sales Manager
Ruben Sandwich on Seeded Rye Bread: Fresh Corned Beef, Swiss Cheese, Sauerkraut, Thousand Island. Or, an egg sandwich with ham, eggs, cheddar cheese on Xseedingly Good Bread.

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National Sandwich Day, the Guttenplan’s Way

Check out The Guttenplan’s team’s go-to mouthwatering sandwich combinations using their favorite products.