10 Tips for Bakery Merchandising this Summer

It’s finally summer! Your customers will soon be walking into your store, looking for the perfect selection of products to make their BBQ dreams come true. How can you make your store’s products standout and complete their vision? We’ve looked at the trends and asked our experts. Here are our 10 top tips for merchandising your in-store baked goods. 

  1. Do the basics right… and then some.
    Have a mix of flavors and options readily available to pick up. Sesame seeds, Everything Mix, poppy seeds, Asiago cheese, Jalapeno Cheddar cheese, Monterey Jack cheese, garlic & herb, Steakhouse seasoning & Parmesan cheese are all fan-favorite toppings. When topping Guttenplan’s products, remember to spray, dip, then proof and bake.

  2. Create a ‘Meal Kit’ by cross-merchandising.
    With meal kits becoming more and more popular, it is a great idea to create similar solutions within your store. Place hot dog and hamburger rolls in other aisles and store locations with mustard, ketchup, spatulas and more alongside. Take it a step further and provide options for a variety of diets, like vegetarian for example.

  3. Make it easy for customers to envision their perfect BBQ menu.
    On top of traditional burgers and hot dogs, suggest tasty, creative recipes for the grill using featured bakery items. Create a menu that sparks creativity and inspiration in shoppers.

    Here are some great ideas:
    Frito Bandito: Beef burger on a Guttenplan’s Jalapeno Cheddar Hamburger Bun, topped with Cheddar cheese, refried beans, crushed corn chips, salsa and onions.
    Canadian-Style Grilled Chicken Sandwich: Grilled chicken breast smothered in barbecue sauce, topped with Cheddar cheese and Canadian-style bacon, all wrapped in a tasty Guttenplan’s Kaiser Roll.
    Pulled-Pork Sandwiches: A Guttenplan’s Potato Sandwich Roll, piled high with pulled pork, barbecue sauce and coleslaw.
    Chicago-Style Hot Dog: A grilled hot dog wrapped in a Guttenplan’s Hot Dog Roll, topped with Chicago-style green relish, white onions, pickled sport peppers, dill pickle, yellow mustard and celery salt.
    New York-Style Hot Dog: A grilled hot dog on a Guttenplan’s Potato Hot Dog Roll with sauerkraut, yellow mustard and ketchup.
    Grilled Pepper and Mozzarella Sandwich – A toasted Guttenplan’s Kaiser Roll filled with Blackened Grilled Peppers, fresh Mozzarella, tomato, balsamic and sea salt.

  4. Recommend interesting flavors from other regions and around the world.
    According to the IDDBA’s 33rd Edition of
    What’s In Store 2019, ‘Sandwiches, especially ethnic items, are hot in food service this year, and in-store bakeries can play a part in that segment. This can be both on the fully prepared side, but also as part of cross-merchandising within the deli.’ This means that in addition to cross-merchandising traditional items, try adding interesting, unexpected items that also work well.

  5. Offer a variety of portion sizes.
    Why not suggest sliders this summer grilling season? Smaller portion sizes are becoming more and more popular with shoppers. Offer a smaller pack size (like a 4-count) to mix and match, whether for smaller family sizes, to cater to a variety of diets, or for customers looking to experiment with a new flavor combinations. Ask a Guttenplan’s representative about our small rolls which are perfect!

  6. Flag down your customers and give them the information they want, quickly.
    How informative is your signage? Are there enough signs, or are there too many? Is it quick and easy for customers, or confusing? Clearly include the item name, description, count and price on your signs.

  7. Get festive!
    Vibrant decorations and themed props can really get your customers in the mood for warm weather. Use a red checkered tablecloth if using a table display, go for anything picnic-style, and add red, white and blue. Get in the summer spirit!

  8. Make sure your displays are attractive, clean, and fully stocked.
    For a display to be attractive it should be reachable for customers, noticeable, tidy and full. Is there a particular flavor, variation or product that your customers ask for frequently? Is this fully stocked and easy to find? Cleanliness and tidiness can go a long way. Check your displays at intervals throughout the day.

  9. Let your product shine.
    Is your packaging is protecting the product, while also showing it off? Put labels on neatly and clearly visible so customers can make a buying decision with ease.

  10. Tantalize your customers’ senses with the smell and taste of fresh baked goods.
    Remember that aroma helps with buying! Is providing samples an option for your store? Convince your customers to make a purchase by getting them involved with the product. Provide an experience for them. Plus, it offers an opportunity for customers to engage with your employees so you can give them top tips and have them coming back for more.


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