Guttenplan’s Quality Assurance System

“Beginning in 2005, FDA required certain food facilities to maintain records identifying the sources, recipients, and transporters of food products. The purpose of these records is to allow FDA to trace an article of food through each stage of the food supply chain—from a retail shelf back to a farm—if FDA has a reasonable belief that a food product is adulterated and presents a serious health threat.”

Traceability in the Food Supply System, March 2009

In order to meet this new standard, Guttenplan’s developed a company-specific traceability program that meets the FDA’s requirements. In early 2006, Guttenplan’s put its first traceability system in place and quickly made improvements to save time and resources. Now, in a matter of minutes, Guttenplan’s can input a manufacturers lot number, get a list of items made with that ingredient, and determine on which invoices, if any, the finished goods were placed. Guttenplan’s can begin contacting customers regarding a recall or start pulling product from the storage freezer, either to be put into a temporary hold or to be permanently destroyed.

Guttenplan’s also uses this traceability system for our own quality assurance purposes. By working in reverse using the information supplied by a customer (a box number, pallet number, or invoice number) Guttenplan’s can trace a finished product back to its’ raw ingredients and inform our suppliers of a problem or inconsistency with their product.