An Integral Part of Our Corporate Culture

Guttenplan’s 80,000 square ft. facility uses a state-of-the-art, card access security system. Our system consists of card readers at every point of entry into the facility, accompanied by motion-sensitive security cameras. Each entry point is assigned specific user access, so that only authorized personnel can gain access at designated times and dates. These cameras have a view of each entry point and record any motion. If more than one person walks through an entry point, the card used is logged and a video is taken to identify who is entering the facility.

We at Guttenplan’s go to great lengths to maintain a safe and secure loading dock. Truck drivers must be able to enter the building to alert loaders of their arrival, without gaining access to the entire facility. Guttenplan’s has installed a security cage inside the loading dock where a driver can access a climate controlled area, be visible on camera, and alert a loader to his presence in the facility. The cage must be unlocked by a Guttenplan’s employee from the inside.

Our system utilizes 16 cameras that record all entry points as well as other areas deemed critical to Guttenplan’s security. We view security as a top priority, and continually monitor safety trends to stay ahead of the current standards.